Limited Special Edition T-Shirts on sale!!

Kogure_NozawaThank you for your warm support.
We are pleased to announce that Limited Special Edition T-Shirts showing the faces of Albirex Star Players, No.8 Fumiya Kogure and No.21 Yosuke Nozawa, will be on sale from Wed, 11 February.


S, M, L, XL
Limited Stock

■Collection of T-Shirts
from 2nd March 2015

■Reservation starts
from 9am, Wed 11 Feb 2015

■Delivery Charge (Singapore)
Postage for one piece: S$5
Postage for 2 or more: Add S$5 each

■Please email to for your purchase including,
1. Name
2. Address
3. Design (Kogure or Nozawa), Size and Quantity
4. Contact Number
5. Payment Type (Transfer or Credit Card VISA or Master))