Sponsor Contract with LANGRICH HOLDINGS PTE LTD.

ラングリッチ・ホールディングス・プライベート・リミティッド様 スポンサー契約締結のお知らせPlease be informed that Albirex Niigata FC (S) makes sponsor contract with LANGRICH HOLDINGS PTE LTD.

Thank you for your warm support.
Albirex Niigata FC(S) makes sponsor contract with LANGRICH HOLDINGS PTE LTD.

■Club Sponsor Contract
Address: 80 Robinson Road #10-01A Singapore 068898

Main business: On-line English school

■LANGRICH HOLDINGS PTE LTD. CEO Tomoya Otake’s comment
Langrich is an On-line English school that has been established since July 2010. Since then, 50,000 customers have enrolled in Langrich.

“Enrich your dreams” is the company’s slogan. Its advocacy is to support all Japanese to overcome the language barrier and to succeed in the world.

The Albirex Niigata Singapore aims to produce many players all over the world. Thus, they encourage their players to learn the English language education to communicate with other people efficiently.Therefore, Langrich has decided to sponsor Albirex Niigata Singapore in their learning for English language education.

We sincerely appreciate your supports to LANGRICH HOLDINGS PTE LTD and Albirex Niigata FC(S).
Thank you.

ラングリッチ・ホールディングス・プライベート・リミティッド様 スポンサー契約締結のお知らせ1

ラングリッチ・ホールディングス・プライベート・リミティッド様 スポンサー契約締結のお知らせ2

ラングリッチ・ホールディングス・プライベート・リミティッド様 スポンサー契約締結のお知らせ3