8/30 ALB Kitchen’s menu

newsThank you very much for your continued support.
Please be informed of “ALB Kitchen”menu for 30th August home game.

We will hold ”Mini Summer Festival” on 30th August.
Your favorite ALB Kitchen will prepare food for Summer Festival.
Further,we will prepare “Beef Bowl” because the opponent Gombak United FC’s mascot is bull.Let’s eat bull and win the match too.

【ALB Kitchen Menu】~Let’s eat Bull&Summer~

“Gyu-don”Beef Bowl
S$5.00, 20 packs only

“Red Bull”
S$1.50, 20 cups only

“Yaki-Toumorokoshi”Grilled Corn with soy sauce flaver
S$1.50, 10 sticks only

“Corn Dog”-sausage with pancake
S$1.50, 10 sticks only

You can buy all the meals at the merchandise booth in Jurong East Stadium.