6/3 ALB Kitchen’s menu

newsThank you very much for your continued support.
Please be informed of “ALB Kitchen” menu for June 3rd home game.

Some Japanese eat cutlet, usually deep fried pork cutlet, following the superstition before an important match or a game of chance.
(Cutlet is called ‘KATSU’ in Japanese, which sounds same as a word means ‘Win’ or ‘Winning.’)

To cheer up Alb.S, still no wins this season, let us eat cutlet and wish them win!
(All the meals are served only on March 15th)

”Niigata specialty” TAREKATU-Don
A bowl of rice with fried pork cutlet on top - S$5.00, 15 packs only

‘Chicken Cutlet’ Bento with Daikon oroshi sauce
Chicken Cutlet Bento - S$5.00, 15 packs only

You can buy all the meals at the merchandise booth in Jurong East Stadium.