newsThank you for your support.Please be informed that DPMM FC is out of 2009 S league.

From S League Official Web Site.

FIFA has confirmed that Brunei DPMM FC will be unable to continue playing in the 2009 S.League season while the suspension on the Brunei Football Association (BAFA) still stands. This is after the final appeal from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) in Zurich on Monday.

The FAS is disappointed with the outcome especially since we have the understanding from FIFA that DPMM would be able to play in the 2009 season when they gave the approval in writing at the start of the season.

Meanwhile, Brunei DPMM FC has requested for FAS to extend the deadline to Monday. In the event that DPMM is unable to resolve the issue by Monday, FAS will have no choice but continue the 2009 S.League season without them. In accordance to S.League rules, all DPMM’s results in the S.League will also be expunged.