Team Staff for 09season

newsThank you for your strong support.

Please be informed that we prepared 09 season’s team staff.■Coach
Naoki Naruo
5th Oct, 1974
(Albirex Niigata)

■Head Coach
Koji Kaneko
28th Mar, 1980
(JAPAN Soccer College)

■GK Coach and Player
Kenta Shinto
8th May, 1985
(University of Tsukuba)

Ryo Nitta
23rd Jun, 1987
(JAPAN Soccer College)

■Assistant Manager
Masamune Fukuda
18th Oct, 1987
(JAPAN Soccer College)

Kohsuke Watanabe
8th Sep, 1989
(JAPAN Soccer College)

■Club Manager
Bogdan Brasoveanu
23rd May, 1964