Players loan contract expires.

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Please be informed that the loan deals for Keisuke Ogawa , Shunnsuke Sunaga ,Takasuke Goto & Kenta Shinto has expired.


Keisuke Ogawa

●Date of Birth: 05 Sep 1986
●Height / Weight : 178cm/75kg
●Home Town : Hyogo/ Japan

Albirex Niigata S


Shunsuke Sunaga

●Date of Birth: 27 Aug 1985
●Height / Weight : 175cm/70kg
●Home Town : Saitama/ Japan

Albirex Niigata S


Takasuke Goto

●Date of Birth: 04 Jun 1985
●Height / Weight : 173cm/66kg
●Home Town : Kanagawa/ Japan

Albirex Niigata S


Kenta Shinto

●Date of Birth: 08 May 1985
●Height / Weight : 175cm/74kg
●Home Town : Kanagawa/ Japan

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