Coach Hiraoka will retire.

newsThank you for your strong support. Please be informed that Coach Hiraoka will retire from our club.//Date of birth//
2nd Sep, 1969

//Work record//
School coach of Albirex Niigata
2000 – 2002
Assistant coach of Albirex Niigata
2003 – 2006
Head coach of Albirex Niigata
2007 – 2008
Coach of Albirex Niigata Singapore

//History of Singapore//
9W 8D16L 07season
10W11D12L 08season

Mikasa Coach of the Year of 13th NTUC INCOMER-YEO’s S-League Awards

Thank you for 2 yeas support. Every time, I got strong support from a lot of supporters.I ‘ll try hard from now on. And, please continue to support Albirex Niigata Singapore.

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