2nd Supporters Club Event

newsThank you for your support.Please be informed that 2nd Supporters Club event will take place.

■Day and Time

Sunday 29th Mar, 2009



Cafe Garb

11 Unity Street #01-01 Robertson walk Singapore 237995

Tel : 65 6836 0751


・Lunch Party with all players


The member of Albirex Niigata Singapore Supporters Club member of 09 season.

■Admission Fee
S$ 23 (include buffet)


Cafe Garb Tokyo WEB site


This year’s 2nd Supporters Club Event will take place on the above date!

Cafe restaurant ”Cafe Garb”cooperate with us. The restaurant is very famous in Japan, and they will open the new restaurant at Robertson Quay on 13th April.

Have a great lanch with all players !!

Albirex Niigata Singapore