ALB・S Cheerleader will Perform!!

newsALB・S Cheerleaders invited “S-League H-TWO-O Ultimate Move”!!Let’s enjoy Cheerleading!!

“S.League H-TWO-O Ultimate Move Finale 2010/2011”

【Date&Time】15th January,2011, 14:00~16:30
※Albirex Cheerleaders will perform around 15:00 P.M.
【Venue】”SCAPE” Youth Park
Finale Programme
2.00pm             Opening of event by emcee
2.05pm             Performances by contestants 1-4 (5 min per song)
2.30pm             Stage game 1
2.45pm             Performances by contestants 5-8 
3.05pm             Interval
3.10pm             Cheer-leading performance by Albirex Niigata Cheer Kids
3.20pm             Performances by contestants 9-12
3.45pm             Stage game 2
4.05pm             Medley song performance by S.League players
4.10pm             Q & A with S-League Players
4.25pm             Group photo-taking (Winners and VIPs)

※Albirex Players will not join this event.