To aid the victims of Earthquake / Tsunami disaster.


The Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster on 11 Mar 2011 at the Tohoku Region in Japan has brought about many pains to the people in Japan.  Many lives were lost during this tragedy and the survivors are struggling with limited food, water and other daily supplies, in addition to losing their homes.

With many people suffering in Japan, I wonder sometimes whether it is appropriate for us to continue with our football activities.

On the other hand, we can use football to deliver courage to the people back in Japan.  Hence, we have decided to use our games and football activities to raise donations to help the relief operations for the disaster in Japan.

Although we are a small club, we will still use our available resources to do as much as possible to aid Japan.

During the game against Etoile FC yesterday,17th Mar , I was touched by the various support shown by all the fans and supporters.

Some of our Supporters’ Club bought tickets for this game although they have season passes for the whole year; while many supporters donated generously to the Red Cross Collection boxes.

The Etoile FC Fan Club also helped us to raise funds, even as far as collecting a donation from the 2010 S.League Season Title winning coach, Mr Patrick Vallee.

These are acts that made us realize that Football is a powerful tool to unite people.

I will personally make sure that all these donations would reach Japan to help the victims and relief operations.

On another note, I am also working closely with the Football Association of Singapore for more initiatives to help Japan.

FAS with Albirex would announce the details of these initiatives shortly.  Please continue to give us your support.

Yours sincerely

Daisuke Korenaga