Supporters Club ”Friend Invitation Promotion”

newsBoth you and your friends are happy! Supporters Club “Friend Invitation Promotion” Apply until 29th April, 2011

The club offers Supporters Club “Friend Invitation Promotion” as below.

Let’s spread the circle of supporters at this occasion!




Both you and your friends are happy!

Albirex.S Supporters Club “Friend Invitation Promotion

Apply until 29th April, 2011

【Outline of promotion】

Please invite your friend or family to be a member of supporters club.

If he or she who were invited by you became a new member,

you and your friend or family can get 5 drink coupons each which can be

used when Albirex.S home game at Jurong East Stadium in 2011.


【How to apply】

Please introduce your friend or family at Merchandise Booth, located in Jurong East Stadium

or Jalan Besar Stadium, on match day.(Please introduce at Albirex.S Office on no-match day)

Then, please present your supporters club membership pass.



29th April, 2011, 6:30pm


*A member can invite as many as possible. But 1 new member can be invited by 1 member only.

*Applicaton is limited at Stadium or Albirex.S Office. Can’t apply on website.


Click here to check details of Supporters Club!