Transfer info. of Mitsuki Ichihara

newsLet us share a comment from Mitsuki Ichihara who was Albirex player in 2010 and belongs to Indian club UNITED SIKKIM FC this year.


[Comment from Ichihara]

How are you everyone?

Sorry for greeting late, I ‘m playing football for UNITED SIKKIM FC which is belongs to Indian Football League(2nd division).

UNITED SIKKIM FC is new club which has Indian international and club owner Baichung Bhutia.

Baichung is a hero in India and loved by people very much. That is a reason why i decided to play for this club.

Another reason is to contribute team project which starts from zero. It’s gonna be a challenge in new land.

No one speaks Japanese around me. Besides I can’t speak English. But I believe this is s step in my football life.

I will show good result. And I will lead the club for 1st division this year.

I couldn’t make you happy at Jurong East Stadium as we couldn’t win even onece last year.

So, I feel sorry to leave ALBIREX FC. But I really appreciate you as you always give us warm cheer.

I never forget that and I will do my best in India too. Please support Mitsuki Ichihara from now on too.

I am happy to receive your message here↓↓↓↓

I pray succcess and happy with ALBIREX’s fans and supporters.

Mitsuki Ichihara