One-Day Manager & Lucky Draw in Paris Miki

newsWe proudly announce that “One-Day Store Manager” and Lucky Draw Event will be held at Paris Miki Liang Court!

■Updated on 20 June

Lucky Draw priod:

(×)18th-27th June

(○)17th-26th June


【One-Day Store Manager in Paris Miki】

18th June (SAT), 15:00 – 17:00, Paris Miki in Liang Court Shopping Centre


No.6  MF Atsushi Shimono
No.9  FW Yosuke Saito 

【Detail of others】

◆LUCKY DRAW◆ during 18th-27th June 17th-26th June
If your entire purchase during 18th  27th June 17th-26th June is S$80 or more,
you are eligible for the lucky draw.
You can win sports sunglasses, specially-made Alb.S jerseys with players autograph, Mini ball with players autograph, and so on.

RALLY Win against a player, and you can get an Alb.S original goods!

◆SPECIAL 40% OFF ON adidas & Nike SPORTS SUNGLASSES◆ on 18th June
Special deal on adidas & Nike sports sunglases.
One day only. Don’t miss this chance!

Let us meet at Paris Miki in Liang Court Shopping Centre on June 18th.