”Man of the Match” of 2nd leg goes to Musashi!

newsPlease be informed that “Man of the Match” of 1st leg was decided by spectators’ voting.

“Man of the Match” voting is held at every Albirex.S homegame.

And, “Man of the Match” of 2nd leg was decided by spectators’ voting.

“Man of the Match” of 2nd leg

No.8 MF Musashi Okuyama

Let’s see some comments from voters.


「He was awesome」


「Good job with all」

「A  MOM needs not to score goals, but just needs to contribute to the team’s win. And he sure did contribute to the team’s win」

「He is awesome」

「You have contributed a lot to the team this match..continue to waork hard! Go!」

「Played very well. Improved a lot this year!」

「Good job! You improve a lot!」


「Nice pass leads to nice goal! Well done! Say no to yellow card!」

「Good job!」


Comments below are to other players from voters.


To Yasu



「Sugoi! Score a lot!」

「Good impact on the team! Nice goal!」






To Shimono

Rescue team, GO GO GO!


To Hide

「He’s cute! 」

「Nice passing!! Yoku Gambatta! Tsugi no sSiai mo Gambatte ne!」

To Soya

「Great passing & midfield control」

To Kami

「He is so fast!」

To Everyone

「They deserve the win against TPUFC! Gambatte Albirex! Win more!

The supporter who vote the most in 2012 will win a special gift with player’s autograph.

We very welcome your voting next time too.

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