5 Singapore Sports School footballers to visit Niigata

news5 players from Singapore Sports School will be joining the training sessions of Albirex Niigata Youth team.

Sports City Niigata to host 5 Singapore Sports School footballers

5 players from Singapore Sports School, who are also representatives of the Singapore National Under 15, Under 16 and Under 17 teams will be joining the training sessions of Albirex Niigata Youth team and Japan Soccer College.

The players would not only participate in football training, but also get the chance to experience other sports such as basketball. Niigata boasts itself as a Sports City and hope that these players would learn more about Niigata through these sports activities.

The participants are among the best players in their respective age groups in Singapore, and have thus attracted huge interest from the media in Singapore.

Niigata, with its appeal as a Sports City, and through the collaboration of Albirex Niigata and Albirex Niigata Singapore, hope that this is the beginning of an exchange of sporting culture and talents between Niigata and Singapore / Southeast Asia.


9 Mar (Friday) to 18 Mar (Sunday)


Training with Albirex Youth Team and Japan Soccer College

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