Albirex Niigata Barcelona is inviting players!

newsAlbirex Niigata Barcelona is starting to invite players from 27 April 2012.

ALBIREX SINGAPORE PTE LTD  (Headquarters: Singapore, Managing Director & CEO, Daisuke Korenaga) is starting to invite players from 27 April 2012 to establish Albirex Niigata Barcelona (Formal name: Fútbol Club Albirex Niigata) in August 2013.   This club will be organized by Japanese players for the most part and aims to encourage youth to take an active part thorough football in all over the world.  The club will participate in the 4th division of Cataluña League from 2013- 2014 season.

■What is Albirex Niigata Barcelona?
Albirex Niigata Barcelona is a new type of student exchange program that is organized by the combination of football, language studies and research study in Barcelona.  Thanks to the cooperation of the related companies, players can experience language studies and football training in higher level.  They can also experience to cover matches of Liga Española in stadiums.  Composing this student exchange program as one club, players can study and play football together in the club for about 11 months.  This makes the expense for the program less than the one of usual.  The aim of the program is to bring up world-standard football players for now.  Furthermore this program aims to encourage the Japanese youth to take an active part in the world.

Because of the declining birthrate, Japanese people will have to be involved in the global society and our language skill will be more important.  In terms of Spanish language, about 13% of people in the world are using Spanish and Portuguese. However only less than 0.1% of Japanese can use those languages.This student exchange program will fill this gap and Albirex Niigata Barcelona encourages to the Japanese youth to interact with Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and to take an active part in business and international society.

■Operation company
ALBIREX SINGAPORE PTE LTD is the operation company of ALBIREX NIIGATA FC SINGAPORE (established in 2004) in S.League.  This is the only one Japanese sports club in the world playing in the top league of the foreign country.  The club aims to send young Japanese players to the world and about 50 of ex-players are playing as a professional in many countries.

Amazing Sports Lab Japan Inc.
Kingsbrook Idiomas
From One Co., Ltd.

27 April 2012, Start to invite players
30 November 2012, Finish inviting players
Late August 2013, Leave for Barcelona
Early September 2013, Season start
Mid-June 2014, Season finish
Mid-July 2014, Return to Japan

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