2013 Pre-season Press Conference

newsPre-season Press Conference was held at Jurong East Stadium on 15th Feb.

Albirex Niigata Football Club  (Headquarters: Singapore, Chairman, Daisuke Korenaga) held Pre-season Press Conference at Jurong East Stadium. 
Chairman Daisuke Korenaga, Head coach Koichi Sugiyama and Captain Shuhei Hotta talked ambitions for 2013 S.League.

The details of the Press Conference are as follows.

■Chairman:Daisuke Korenaga
2013 marks our 10th year participation in the S.League.
In 2011, we won our first trophy the League Cup. Last year, we came in 3rd place in the S.League.
We will continue to challenge for hounors on all fronts this year.
For Season 2013, we will continue to reach out to more fans especially residents in the South West District.
We want to be the Club that Jurong residents can be proud of and identified with.
Please come to Jurong East Stadium and enjoy our games.

■Head Coach:Koichi Sugiyama
I am happy to be able to continue to be Head Coach for this Club for Season 2013.
I have 19 new players, 4 players staying from last year and one player coming back from Japan.
They are trying to improve our football and keeping good condition.
I am looking forward to the opening match. 

■Captain:Shuhei Hotta
This is my 3rd year in Singapore and I am proud and privileged to be appointed the Team Captain.
I will guide all players this year and lead the team to challenge for honours in all fronts.
Thank you.


【Q and A】(Extract)
■Are there any reasons that you have many new players from university this year? 
(Question to Chairman and Head Coach)
We visit J.League try-outs and hold our own trials in Japan every year.
This year, we have found many good players from university. 

■Who is the key player in the team this year? 
(Question to Head Coach)
I have high expectations of all my players.
I always focus on the team’s performance and not one individual.

■What do you think the level of the S.League this year? 
(Question to Head Coach)
I think the level of S.League is getting higher, but we will not lose.

■Are there any other players who can lead the younger players besides the captain?
 (Question to Head Coach)
All the players will do well together and lead this club forward.

■Is there any difference between the team from this year and last year?
(Question to Captain)
Although many players have changed from last year, our Head Coach Sugiyama’s philosophy has not changed.
Team communication this year will not be a problem as most players are around the same age group.

■Do you feel any pressure being appointed as captain?
(Question to Captain)
No, no pressure at all.

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