Specially designed gol. T-shirts for 10 consecutive months!!

newsSpecially designed gol. T-shirts for July are on sale!!

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Please be informed specially designed gol. T-shirts for July are on sale.

“The 10th Anniversary!! Specially designed gol. T-shirts for each 10 month!!”
We designed special T-shirts with our apparel sponsor “gol. japan”.
It will be different design for each month starting Feb for consecutive month. (Limited Stock).
Each T-shirt will have serial numbers in Japanese. (No.1 for Feb, No.2 for Mar and so on)

Collect All 10 T-Shirts and get Albirex.S Premium Autographed Goods!!

【The 10th Anniversary T-Shirt “No.6″】
Size…S, M, L
Size M, Size L Sold Out
Limited Stock

Length(cm) 65 69 73
Width(cm) 49 52 55
Arm(cm) 19 20 22

■Reservation starts 
from 9am, Mon 1 July 2013

■Delivery Charge (Singapore)
Postage for one piece: S$5
Postage for 2 or more: Add S$5 each

■For online purchase
Please email to shop@albirex.com.sg your purchase including,
1. Name
2. Address
3. Size and Quantity
4. Contact Number

Blue and Orange is Albirex Colour!!

10th Anniversary logo on the back!!

Serial Number “No.6” is printed.