31 Aug, Supporters Club Event @Magosaburou!!

news2nd Supporters Club Event in 2013 will be held on 31st August!
Please come and join us!

We are pleased to inform that the Club will hold Supporters Club Event on 31 August 2013.
The event will be held at Japanese Style BBQ Restaurant Magosaburou.
Of course, players are attending together. 
Please join us and enjoy the event!

31st August, 2013, Saturday11am~12:30pm (Reception starts 10:50am)

Magosaburou Singapore

(1) Lunch with Players*
(2) Game with Players*
(3) Lucky Draw
*Attending players: Yuki Ichikawa, Kento Nagasaki and Gentaro Murakami (Subject to change)

Gold Member of 2013 Supporters Club
Albirex.S Soccer School Kids and their family
Albirex.S Cheerleaders and their family

【Fee】(Including Lunch Set “100% Wagyu Beef Set”)
Payment in advance
$60 (Please pay at our match or our office at Jurong East Stadium.)

Payment at the venue

【How to apply】
Please email to admin@albirex.com.sg including,
1. Name
2. Membership Number
3. Contact Number

【Closing date**】
1st Closing date: 23rd August, 2013, Friday (for Gold Member of 2013 Supporters Club, Albirex.S Soccer School Kids and their family and Albirex.S Cheerleaders and their family)
2nd Closing date: 30th August, 2013, Friday (for all supporters)
**If there are many applicants, they will be chosen by lottery.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Mail : admin@albirex.com.sg
Tel : 6334-0511

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
Thank you.