Contract with Coach Keiji Shigetomi.

Please be informed that Albirex.S contracts with new school manager for 2014 season.

Thank you for your warm support.
We are pleased to announce that Albirex.S contracts with Keiji Shigetomi who is from Sanfrecce Hiroshima Soccer School for 2014 season.

Keiji Shigetomi, School Manager
□ Date of Birth : 10 Jun 1979
□ Hometown : Shimane
□ History :
1999-2005 Oshu Soccer Club, Coach
2006-2013 Sanfrecce Hiroshima Soccer School, Coach
□ Qualification :
JFA ‘A’ License
JFA Kids Leader Certificate

[Message] I will be the new school manager of Albirex Niigata Singapore Soccer School.
I will do my best for the club and school kids.
Thank you.