Sponsor Contract with Sanpou CO., LTD.

SanpouteiThank you for your warm support.
Albirex Niigata FC(S) makes sponsor contract with Sanpou CO., LTD.

■Club Sponsor Contract
Sponsor: Sanpou CO., LTD
Address: 1830-1 Toppara, Nishi-ku, Niigata-city,950-1115 Japan

Main business:Ramen Restaurant “SANPOUTEI” and other restaurant business

Sanpou CO., LTD

■Sanpou CO., LTD CEO Hironobu Kaneko’s comment
Similar to Albirex Niigata, Sanpou is from Niigata, Japan. Since our foundation in 1967 our highest quality Ramen has been loved by people in Niigata, one of the battleground states for Ramen in Japan. We have opened a first ramen restaurant “SANPOUTEI”  in Holland Village. Our Niigata Traditional “Niigata SHOYU Ramen” is very popular in Singapore.
From Niigata to the world, we want to introduce Japanese quality to the world. Albirex Niigata FC (Singapore) is producing players taking on an active role in the world. As we have a common belief, we have decided to support the club.
Please support the club with “SANPOUTEI”


We sincerely appreciate your supports to Sanpou CO., LTD and Albirex Niigata FC(S).
Thank you.