CANON Photo OF The Match!

  • STEP1 Shoot! Take lots of photos at the stadium.
  • STEP2 Submit through the online submission form.
  • STEP3 Upload your photo(s) and post them on the web!

Please read the following carefully before submitting photos.

  • Photo(s), title(s), your name(or HN), and message(s) are shown.
  • The photos must be your original ones taken on that day.
  • All submitted photos should be 1MB or less.
  • Images larger than 400 pixels in width are converted to adequate size.
  • No capital letters for your file name.
  • Not all the photos submitted are uploaded depending on quality, design, etc.
  • Qualification for uploading is not open to public.
  • Your copyrights on photos are granted/transferred to us without compensation.
  • Photos might be used on the Web and/or printed matters.
  • Alb.S is not responsible for any inconvenience, troubles or damages caused by uploading your photos.
  • Responsibility remains strictly with you.
  • If you have any questions or comment, please click here.
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