New team captain and sub captains of this season 2017

TeamInformationThank you for your warm support.We are pleased to inform you that we have new team captain and sub captains for 2017 season.

■Captain for 2017 season

MF 6 Shuto INABA

「I am Shuto Inaba who will be the new team captain this year.
I will try my best as a team captain to get the great score like last year.」


■Sub Captain for 2017 season

DF 5 Naofumi TANAKA

「I am Naofumi Tanaka and I will be a sub captain this year.
Last year we had great season, and this year will be a bit tough than last year. But we’ll do our best through this year. I also will try to support our team captain, then I think we can get great result this year. Thank you for your support all the time!」


MF 8 Hiroyoshi KAMATA
「I will be a sub captain this year.I guess we will go through many tough things this year, but I’ll try my best to support our team captain and this team.Please continue to believe in us!」