Contract with Coach Mohammed Aidil Bin Mohammed Sulaiman

Thank you for your warm support.
We are pleased to announce that Albirex Niigata FC (Singapore) contracts with Mohammed Aidil Bin Mohammed Sulaiman(41) as a coach.


Mohammed Aidil Bin Mohammed Sulaiman, Coach(41)
◾️ Date of Birth:
8th Oct 1975
◾️ Hometown:
◾️ History:
2001-2003 Little League Soccer Singapore Academy
2003-2007 Little League Soccer Malaysia Academy
2007-2016 Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer Academy
2016-2017 Football Association of Singapore Junior Centre of Excellence
◾️ Qualification:
AFC B Licence


[Message] I am grateful to be a coach of Albirex, and I am very honoured to be able to work with the team.
I will make the best of that, so that I can contribute to the team.