Albirex Niigata Barcelona Football Academy – Commencement of 5th Season and Recruitment for 6th Season Applicants

Thank you for your warm support.

We are pleased to inform that the program “Work in Football Industry” which is run by Albirex Singapore Pte Ltd’s subsidiary, Albirex Niigata Barcelona, has commenced its 5th season on Mon. 7th August. We have also started to recruit new applicants for this coming 6th season, until the end of April 2018.

This program has consisted of 3 main pillars in order for graduates to work for the Football industry, 1) A plenty of curriculum, taught by a lot of famous lecturer, 2)Learn practical Spanish or English at the proven local language school and 3) Football activity through a specific soccer language with Spanish original methods.

We will update the daily life of our students in Barcelona and their activities on Facebook and Instagram.
For next year’s candidate of  applicants, brochures and individual meetings can be arranged on request.
Please check them from the links below.  We will also be holding a seminar soon.


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