Day 2『Albirex Sports Development Fund』 Niigata Training Tour

Day 2 – Baseball Match, The Association of Niigata for Singapore Launch Party

The closest Yuhen and Danial have been to baseball in Singapore is catching it on television. Hence, watching a baseball match between Niigata Albirex Baseball Club and Musashi Heat Bears live turned out to be an intriguing experience for them. As both boys were to find out, the Japanese treated their baseball seriously. Yuhen exclaimed, “when entering the baseball stadium, it was bigger than I expected.” He was referring to the match venue, the Hard Off Eco Stadium, which could hold 30,000 fans when in full capacity. Danial added, “The fans were very loud and energetic when cheering on their team and there was an amazing variety of merchandise on sale to choose from.” Both boys initially struggled to understand how baseball was played. However, after watching the different game play situations and through explanation as the match progressed, they soon got to know baseball better.

In the afternoon, both boys attended The Association of Niigata for Singapore Launch Party held at Hotel the Italia Ken. They were introduced on stage by Mr Daisuke Korenaga, Chairman of Albirex Niigata Football Club (Singapore) and spoke to the distinguished guests on the floor. Danial said, “I am very excited to be in Niigata to experience the Japanese culture and football training. My dream is to be a professional footballer one day and hope to maybe play here in Niigata.” Yuhen mentioned, “I never expected to be selected for this Niigata trip. It is a dream come true for me to be able to play football with my Japanese counterparts and I hope to improve my football skills when training here.”