Soken Medical Co., Ltd. Signs Partnership Agreement with Albirex

We are pleased to announced that Soken Medical Co., Ltd. (“SokenMedical”) has signed a Partnership Agreement with Albirex Singapore Pte Ltd.

SokenMedical is the leading company in Japan in the field of Electro Magnetic Treatment Instruments, with its leading product – Soken Relax. These instruments uses electro magnetic force for better blood circulation, improve natural defences and provide powerful support for building a healthy body. Established in 1982 for 35 years, SokenMedical has seen its products widely used in many medical institutions and clinics.

Under this Partnership Agreement, SokenMedical will provide Albirex Singapore players with Soken Relax to aid the recovery process and improve daily conditioning.

We welcome SokenMedical on board our Albirex Family!

Company Name:Soken Medical Co., Ltd
Address:1 Chome-36-20, Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President:Ms Hiromi Ishiwatari

Comments from Ms Ishiwatari
I have been admiring the work and achievements of Albirex Singapore and I am pleased to start the relationship with this partnership agreement.

We will support the health aspects of the Club’s philosophies of “Nurturing People Who Dares to Dream”, “Making a Vibrant City” and “Creating a Sporting Culture” by providing our instruments to help the player’s recovery and conditioning.