2002 Brazilian World Cup Winner Edmilson – Futsal session with fans and Oyajirex

2002 Brazilian World Cup Winner Edmilson went down to our Albirex Soccer School adult programme “Oyajirex” on the 3rd October 2017.

Oyajirex is an adult programme under our Albirex Soccer School catered specially for working adults. Under the Oyajirex programme, working adults from various walks of life get together to enjoy the game of football and continue their passion for football despite their work and personal commitments.

Edmilson had a light-hearted Fustal session with our Oyajirex which showcased his amazing technique and touch, our Oyajirex had a great time interacting with Edmilson both on and off the pitch and are delighted at this once in a life time opportunity to play alongside with a World Cup winner.

We thanked Edmilson for his visit to Oyajirex, the session is definitely rewarding for our Oyajirex and reminded them about their passion and love for the game of football.