Report for “Albirex × ABC Cooking Studio Baking Workshop 2017”

Thank you for warm support.
On Saturday 14 October, as a tie-up event with ABC Cooking Studio, we held a family cooking event “Albirex × ABC Cooking Studio Baking Workshop 2017” at the ABC Cooking Studio.

93 Albirex Singapore Soccer School and Cheer Dance school students and their parents participated in the event for 2 sessions in the morning and afternoon.

Special guests, Albirex players Yosuke Nozawa, Takuya Akiyama, Ryota Nakai joined the morning session, and Naofumi Tanaka, Shuto Inaba, and Kento Nagasaki appeared in the afternoon session.

The menu was Piggy Pizza. Although pizza cooking was the first time for many participants, all cooked cute piggy pizza with ABC instructors’ guide. In addition, our school sponsor “HARADA Tea Sales” kindly served Japanese tea to the event.

Thank you very much to all the participants, ABC Cooking Studio, and HARADA Tea Sales!