Establishment of Wellness and Healthcare related Subsidiary (Singapore)

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ALBIREX SINGAPORE PTE LTD (Headquarter in Singapore, Managing Director & CEO Daisuke Korenaga) has established a new company WELLNESSY PTE LTD, which will handle the healthcare and wellness businesses in the Republic of Singapore (hereafter “Singapore”)

■The Purpose of Subsidiary Establishment

We operate a professional football team consisting mainly of Japanese athletes in the top league outside of Japan, in Singapore’s professional football league. We also focus on business related to sports such as soccer school, cheer dance school and overseas study program around the world. We are currently operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Spain and Hong Kong.

In Japan, the problem of ageing society is accelerating. In Singapore, where we have been doing business for over 15 years, the ageing society is proceeding at a speed faster than Japan. The Singaporean government predicts that it will enter a super aged society within the next 15 years.

In Singapore where the average life expectancy exceeds 80 years old, the divergence from health life expectancy is about 10 years old, similar to Japan. We have decided to establish a subsidiary in order to contribute to the extension of health life expectancy in Singapore and the world based on the experience that we have been continuously working rooted in Singapore and other countries.

As a bridge between Japan and each country, we are working on the creation of a healthy, long-lived future through wellness and health care.


■Outline of subsidiary

(1) Company Name


(2) Company location


(3) Representative

Chairman:Daisuke Korenaga

CEO :Naoto Tamiya

(4) Business contents

Wellness and Healthcare

(5) The date of Incorporation

18 January 2018

(6) Shareholder