【Last Sale】XLARGE® x Albirex Niigata FC (S) Collaboration T-shirts (Merlion/Chairman Korenaga)

Thank you for your warm support. Please be informed that XLARGE® and Albirex Niigata FC (S) collaboration T-shirts, which have been sold through online shop and Albirex home matches, will be closed on the end of May. Please get them as soon as possible!

XLARGE®(pronounced as “Extra Large”)Official Site
XLARGE®, the most famous for its Gorilla Logo, is the street apparel brand founded in Los Angeles. B’s International, which is one of the Albirex Niigata’s Partner companies, is handling the brand in Japan.

(1) XLARGE collaboration T-shirts “Merlion Version”
(2) XLARGE collaboration T-shirts “Chairman Korenaga Version”

*delivery fee;
・To Japan – S$16 (S$5 per one additional T-shirts will be added)
・To Singapore – S$5 (S$3 per one additional T-shirts will be added)

S・M・L・XL(for both versions)
※Size S is sold out for both version
*Please refer to the size guideline chart below.

【How to Order】
Please apply by Email shop@fc.albirex.com.sg with information as follows.
・Title”XLARGE Collaboration T-shirts”
・Phone Number
・(1) “Merlion Version” or (2)”Chairman Korenaga Version”
・Size and Quantity
・How to receive
①delivery (address)
②At the Albirex Niigata Singapore Office
③At the Jurong East Stadium for Albirex Home Match
・Payment Method
①Credit Card (VISA or Master ONLY)

(1) XLARGE Collaboration T-shirts “Chairman Korenaga Version”


(2) XLARGE Collaboration T-shirts “Chairman Korenaga Version”

【Size Guideline】


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