Albirex Group receives “Minister of State for Regional Revitalization Award” in the 2nd NIHON SERVICE AWARD


Thank you for your warm support.
We are pleased to announce that “Albirex Group’s Comprehensive Community Sport Clubs” by Albierx Group, including Albirex Niigata FC (Singapore), has received “Minister of State for Regional Revitalization Award” in the 2nd NIHON SERVICE AWARD on Thursday 28 June at the ANA InterContinental Hotel. As a representative of Albirex Group, Hiromu IKEDA, Chairman of Albirex Niigata Inc., received the awards from Hiroshi KAJIYAMA, Minister of State for Regional Revitalization.
Albirex Group has been progressing with Niigata Citizens to bring vibrancy and dream to community through sports. With this awards, Albirex Group will continue to contribute to the local communities, so please give us your support.


“Systems and structures which provide excellent services” are subject to be awarded with criteria “achievement toward expectation of service recipients,” “systems and structures of service providers”, and “contribution toward development of service industry”

■Reasons to be awarded
Albirex Group, the only one comprehensive community sports club which operates 7 sports with junior to professional levels, has helped to develop Niigata brand with turning out of international players. Each club is financially independent but all are having the same brand “Albirex.” The group meets the needs not only “watch” and “play” sports, but also “support” and “connect people” through sports. That is the services which contribute creation of sports culture and regional revitalization.

■Albirex Group (12 teams and clubs)
Albirex Niigata (Men’s soccer)
Albirex Niigata Ladies (Women’s soccer)
Albirex Niigata FC (Singapore) (Men’s soccer)
Albirex Niigata Barcelona (Men’s soccer)
Niigata Albirex BB (Men’s basketball
Niigata Albirex BB Rabits (Women’s basketball)
Niigata Albirex BC (Baseball)
Niigata Albirex Running Club (Track & Field)
Albirex Cheer Leaders (Cheer leading)
Albirex Racing Team (Motor Racing)
Team Albirex Niigata (Ski and Snow board)
All Albirex Sports Club (child sports and table tennis)

■Activity accomplishment
¬ Community Service-More than 800 times in 1 year (dispatching coaches, visiting kindergarten, elementary school, and welfare facilities, and participating in events in local area) (2017)
¬ Number of participants in school- Approximately 3,000 (2017)
¬ Players from the club
(Men’s soccer) Kisho Yano (2010 World Cup), Musashi Suzuki (2016 Olympic), Gotoku Sakai (2014 and 2018 World Cup)

(Women’s soccer) Megumi Kamionobe (2011 and 2015 World Cup), Yuri Kawamura (2015 World Cup), Kaede Nakamura (2017 The Algarve Cup), Yuria Obara (2015 AFC Asian Cup), Moeno Sakaguchi (2018 AFC Asian Cup), Chika Hirao (2018 AFC Asian Cup)

(Nippon Professional Baseball) Takashi Amemiya (2011 Yomiuri Giants), Takahiro Watanabe (2011 Yomiuri Giants), Mitchell John Dening (2015 Tokyo Yakult Swallows), Suguru Takai (2016 Yomiuri Giants), Yuta Watanabe (2017 Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks)

(Track and Field) Satomi Kubokura (2008, 2012, 2016 Olympic)

(Skiing and Snowboarding) Kentaro Minagawa (2006 Olympic), Yuka Fujimori (2010, 2014, 2018 Olympic), Noriyo Hiroi (2006 Olympic), Daisuke Yoshioka (2006 Olympic)

(Cheerleading in National Football League) Yoko Yagishita (Los Angeles Chargers), Tokiko Ishida (San Francisco 49ers), Ayako Ono (Jacksonville Jaguars), Miwa Ando (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Result for team sport
(Men’s soccer)- 2004〜2017 in J1 league
(Women’s soccer)- 2007〜Now belong to Nadeshiko league Division 1
– Finished 2nd place in the Empress’s Cup for 4 times
(Singapore soccer)- won 4 titles in Singapore Premier League in 2016 and 2017
(Men’s basketball)- 2005〜2006 2nd place in bj league
– 2016〜Now belong to B1 League(Division 1)
(Women’s basketball)- 2011〜Now belong to W League

(Baseball)- 2012 won the title in independent baseball league
-won a title in BC League for twice
-2nd place for twice
(Track and Field)- 2016 won Japan national corporation amateur championship
(Racing)- 2017〜Now participating in Japan national F3 championship

¬ Mobilization Achievement
(Men’s soccer)- 2003〜2005 Had most annual attendance
(Men’s basketball)- 2017〜2018 5th place in season attendance
(Baseball)- 2011〜2017 Had most annual attendance in independent baseball league
(Track and Field)- 2017 Supporting management for Niigata city marathon (12,957 participated)


Albirex Group Liaison Conference Office
Kosuke Takahashi (Mr)


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