Daisuke KORENAGA appointed as CEO of Albirex Niigata

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We are pleased to inform that our chairman Daisuke KORENAGA appointed, as of 1st January 2019, CEO of Albirex Niigata in Japan.

■Date of Birth
10 May 1977 (41 years old)

■Place of Birth
Chiba City, Chiba, JAPAN

2002年 Graduated NIHON University
     ZET PROJECT,LTD(Currently named CWS BRAINS)
2008年 CEO, Albirex Singapore PTE LTD
     Chairman, Albirex Niigata Football Club(S)
2009年 Council Member of Football Association of Singapore
2013年 President, Fútbol Club Albirex Niigata Barcelona
     CEO, Albirex Niigata (Phnom Penh) Co.,LTD.
     Chairman, Football Club Albirex Niigata Phnom Penh
2015年 Albirex Singapore PTE LTD Myanmar
2016年 Director, Albirex Niigata Inc.
2017年 President, Albirex Hong Kong Limited
2018年 Chairman, Wellnessy PTE LTD
     Albirex Niigata FC (S) Shibuya Branch Represantative
     Senior executive director, Albirex Niigata Inc.



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