2019 Season New Jersey Design (Home, Field Player)

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Albirex Niigata FC (S) is pleased to announce the 2019 New Jersey Design (home, Field Players). In 2019, Albirex players will wear MIZUNO jersey who will be our newly contracted apparel partner. It will be characterised with bright orange and is more reddish than last year for all the shirts, shorts, and socks.

Field player away jerseys and GK jerseys will be announced around middle January, meantime merchandise sales will be started.

《Concept of each part》

There are wings logo attached to both shoulders. The wings express that the team soars to win the league and cup title, and each player displays their best performance and has ambitions to be a football player in the future.

◾Club Emblem
Solid emblem with 3D design. Starting above the emblem shows; a big star means 10 titles and a small star means 1 title. Therefore, the stars shows 14 titles in total which Albirex Niigata FC (S) has been winning since Albirex’s 1st appearance in the S.League in 2004.

◾Design of front lower part
With the restored energy after the rest, the white swan takes wings behind the DENKA Big Swan Stadium.

《Partners Logos》
◾Upper Chest:LENS MODE
◾Right clavicle:REERACOEN
◾Left clavicle:BRIDGESTONE
◾Left Sleeve:①TAPTRIP ②EnglishCentral ③KIRIN


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