『Albirex Sports Development Fund』 Partnership Contract with Mr.Seki Yasuji

Thank you for your warm support.
Please be informed that Albirex Niigata FC (S) has formed a “『Albirex Sports Development Fund』 Partnership” with Mr.Seki Yasuji.

By this contract, Mr.Seki Yasuji will support the activities of the new Albirex Singapore U-15 team to join the COE league starting in 2019.
Albirex sincerely appreciate the support from Mr.Seki Yasuji and will cooperate with him to contribute to Singapore’s sports and football culture.

◾Mr.Seki Yasuji
Born in 1971, he graduated from Tokyo from Waseda University’s Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies.

He established NIHON ASSIST SINGAPORE PTE LTD in 2011 after serving as a Senior Market Officer and a Commercial Officer at the Commerce Department of the Republic of Singapore’s Embassy in Tokyo.

He supported the entry of Japanese companies into Singapore/Southeast Asia and the launch of new businesses, as well as the support of local governments and related external organizations, including those in Niigata and Hyogo prefectures.

He now operates the Biz Lab, a membership information platform for companies that want to expand sales in Southeast Asia, and this year he joined RISA PARTNERS ASIA PTE LTD and participated in investment business.



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