ALBIREX SINGAPORE SOCCER SCHOOL “Notice of holding GW Special Project 【Doritec】”

Thank you for always supporting ALBIREX SINGAPORE SOCCER SCHOOL.

In ALBIREX SINGAPORE SOCCER SCHOOL, as a special GW plan for 4 days on May 1 (Wed), 2 (Thursday), 3 (Fri), 4 (Sat) 【Dribble & Technique School】also known as【Doritech】.
This [doritech] ♪ ♪ which was carried out also in the spring program with GW last spring
As it may be a popular class, please apply early by all means ☆

If you are interested, please confirm the details below and apply for participation from the URL. (You can select more than one)

Players who want to hone dribbling and techniques such as “I can not beat my opponent in one-on-one situation”, “I can not control the ball”, “I want to break through the defense” etc.
Whether you are a child with slow feet or a small child, we will teach you the dribbling and brushing techniques!

1) mind (independent, voluntary approach, continuity, honesty)
2) skills (handling the ball freely)
3) bodies (a well-balanced body, speed and stamina)
4) (concentrate, think, adjust)

These four pillars will be touched on during the Dori Tech practice.

By all means take this opportunity to expand your child’s potential!
Friends who are not from Albirex football school can also participate, please join us!

~ 【Doritech】 Details ~
【Dates/Days】 May 1 (Wed), 2nd (Thursday), 3rd (Fri), 4th (Sat)
[Time/Target grade] 09:00-10:00   third grader to sixth grader (upper grade class)
                                10:00-11:00   Senior to second grader (lower grade class)
Venue: Queenstown Stadium (473A Stirling Road)
【Implementation details】 Dribbling, coordination TR
[Participation fee] S $ 25 / time slot (please pay in cash on the day)
[Capacity] 20 people

★ How to apply ★
If you would like to participate in Springs Cool, please apply from the following URL. (You can select more than one)
Application URL:



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