Official Partnership Contract with Programming school “Code Proto”

Thank you for your warm support.
Please be informed that Albirex Niigata FC (S) has contracted Official Partnership with “Code Proto” for 2019 season.

From 2020, Programming will be a compulsory subject in elementary schools in Japan.
“Code Proto” aims to introduce programming to children, focusing on their ability to learn from programming education, such as logical thinking and communication skills.
“Code Proto” has four aspects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and a “STEM” education aimed at acquiring the power to find answers for yourself. “Code Proto” is also involved in the development of children from a variety of perspectives, not only in programming classes but also in science experiments.

Albirex sincerely appreciate the support from “Code Proto”.


◾School Name: Code Proto
◾Address:(Singapore Office) 18 Mohamed Sultan Road #02-02 Singapore 239368
◾Operating Company Name: GTC Little. J LLC
◾Representative:Ms.Chiaki Sawada, Director


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