Our Soccer School maneger, Ryo Ishibashi, assumed Singapore national team official and translator.

Thank you for your warm support.
Please be informed that Our Soccer School manager, Ryo Ishibashi, assumed Singapore national team official and translator of Head Coach Mr.Yoshida.

Our Soccer Schoolmaster and Head Coach for the COE (Centre of Excellence) Under 15 team, Ryo Ishibashi, will be assisting Mr Yoshida as translator during National Team training.

We are very pleased with the opportunity to contribute directly to the development of the Singaporean soccer and will continue to make contributions in various other ways.


◾Name:Ryo Ishibashi
◾Date of Birth:7 Feb 1994
Career Profile:
2013-2015 Tsukamoto Wings FC U-12 _Coach
2016-2017 Albirex Niigata Singapore Soccer School _Coach
2018-   Albirex Niigata Singapore Soccer School U-12 _Head Coach
2019-   Albirex Niigata Singapore U-15(COE) _Head Coach
◾Professional Qualifications:
Asia Football Confederation (AFC) – Coaching ‘B’ License
Japan Football Association (JFA) – Coaching “C” License

I have become translator for the Singapore national team.
It is a great honor to be a part of the Singapore national team.
I am willing to give my largest support for national team and Head Coach Tatsuma Yoshida.
I am very grateful to the Singapore Football Association, Albirex Niigata Singapore and Yoshida for this opportunity.
I would like to make a sincere contribution to repay that obligation.

I hope that all of you who support Albirex continue to cheer us warmly.






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