KIRIN DAY for SPL 15th Leg vs Hougang United FC

Thank you for your warm support.

During our home game in the SPL 15th Leg vs Hougang United FC, We will be holding “KIRIN DAY”.
The event is corporated by our jersey partner “Kirin Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd”.

We look forward to seeing you!


Event Summary

(1) Special Promotion of KIRIN Beer
$7/Can ⇒ $4/Can

KIRIN Ichiban Shibori, which is usually sold for $ 7 a cup, will only be sold for $ 4 per cup during KIRIN DAY!
Let’s support our players with a beer that is essential when watching football!


(2) Lucky Draw

Kirin T-shirt & Meidi-ya $10 Voucher x 3 for 10 people

In addition players will wear the Kirin original T-shirts (not for sale) during the time of warm-up before the game, there is a chance to get a total of $ 30 vouchers by Meidi-ya!



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