【SPL 24th Leg】vs Home United FC on Sunday 29th September

Thank you for your warm support.
Albirex Niigata FC (S) will be playing against Home United FC on 29th September.
The details are below. Please come and cheer us!

SPL 24th Leg (Home)

◾Date & Time:Sun 29 Sep 2019 20:15 Kick Off
◾Opponent: Home United FC
◾Venue:Jurong East stadium
(Address:21 Jurong East Street 31, Singapore 609517)
(Nearest MRT Stadion:East West Line Chinese Garden, 7 mins by walk)


First come first served basis gift

We will present ballpoint pens with the Albirex Niigata FC(S) logo with the cooperation of Pentel on a first come, first served basis!
This ballpoint pen model Energel INFREE has intelligent design with transparent axis and is very comfortable to write!
Please get the Pentel’s Albirex Niigata FC(S) logo ballpoint pen!

Cheer Dance Performance Information

◾Location:in front of the main stand on the pitch

Please enjoy cute and pretty cheer dance performance!

Merchandise Information

◾Location:In the main stand
The 2019 season jerseys are in small stock! Available at the stadium!

Don’t miss the chance of bulk buying! !

“#albirex_s T-shirt” and “2019 Black Polo” are on sale now!

Food and Beverage Information

◾Menu:KIRIN Ichibanshibori
◾Time:Gate Open – Final Whitsle
◾Location:Main stand home side

OKADA Coffee & Sweets Food
◾Menu:Curry, Pillow Cake, Ice Candy
◾Time:7:45pm〜Final Whistle
◾Location:In the main stand
◾Price:Curry $12, Pillow Cake $10, Ice Candy $2.5



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