【Special Interview】Looking back at 2019 season #10 Nakamura Kyoga (Part 3)

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Continuing from part 1 and part 2, Kyoga Nakamura looks back on this season
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(Part 2: http://www.albirex.com.sg/en/archives/37886/)

This time, Nakamura talked about his life in Singapore and his thoughts on the supporters.

Trial-and-error communication to bring team together

I fulfilled my role as captain and supported a young team
How was the relationship with your team members?

Nakumura I tried to talk with all the members every day. I took the lead in behaving properly so that I can pull the team together as a captain.

How was the relationship with Singaporean players?

Nakumura At first, we could not understand each other’s language. However, I tried to create an positive atmosphere by having some fun purposely. I think that young Singaporean players, especially Zam (#24 Zamani Zamri), had many difficulties playing in Japanese centered team as rookie football player. They coped positively with such situation. So I respect them.


I like to be involved with people.

I was able to broaden my horizons by meeting new people.

What was the most memorable activity except football as a member of Albirex Niigata FC(S)?

Nakumura I like events and something fun. So I was happy I could communicate with local people many times. I had a good time with many people through the various activity.

Does the feeling leads to the project which you advertise via SNS?

Nakumura Right. I have started the project “ I offer Kyoga Nakamura ” via SNS. I have had many chances to meet the various people since I came to Singapore. I could have a new appreciation for meeting with someone and widen my field of view. I thought it was important to meet someone in real life in order to cheer for me and I want to have a deep relationship with the various people. So, I decided to start the project.

You have gotten new followers by posting your blog.

Nakumura I could achieve my target of posting 100 blog posts. As a result, the number of followers for SNS and people who cheered for me with enthusiasm increased. I will continue posting my blog, please see it.


I’m so happy to meet many people who supported me.

Nakamura who sang supporters who are excited by the goal

What did you think about the supporters of Albirex Niigata FC(S)?

Nakumura They were very warm and cozy. Some supporters were children belonging to cheer dance school and soccer school, and some were senior local citizens. Regardless of nationality and culture, all supporters were one and they enjoyed watching the football games together like a family. It was very nice situation.
I was surprised that there were many local supporters. I was very happy that they cheered for us.

What do you like about Singapore?

Nakumura I like that it is clean and people are friendly. And I really love Singapore is small and there are many chances to meet people who we can hardly meet in Japan. I could have a meaningful time.

What is the most memorable thing in your Singapore life for the past year?

Nakumura Of course, the most memorable thing is football. However, I could create a virtuous circle that I met many people to enrich my football life and could return to football what I learned there. So this season is the happiest season for me.

Before you come to Singapore, did you image such life?

Nakumura No. When I lived in Japan, I work as not only professional player, but also coach of soccer school. So I was busy and there was a time when my mind and body were both tired. I am glad I can concentrate and focus on only football in Singapore. If I am active and enhance football skill, I will be able to get to like football more. So I would like to enhance my football skills more.

Please share your next goal with us.
Nakumura My final goal is playing at champions league. Wherever I am, if I continue to do what I should do every day, I will be able to achieve my final goal. So I am living each day to the fullest.

Please give a message to supporters.

Nakumura Thank you so much for cheering for us through good times and bad in this season. I wanted to share more good times with you. I apologize to you that we could not capture any titles. Your support encouraged me and my encounters with you are my assets. I hope you will look over Albirex Niigata FC(S) and our players with loving eyes.



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