Introduction of 2020 Team Captain and Vice Captains

Thank you for your warm support.
Please be informed of the 2020 Season Team Captain and Vice Captains.


Captain HASHIOKA Kazuki

“I am appointed as Captain this year.
With the target of regaining all the titles, we will strive to give our supporters an overwhelming brand of football.
We are looking forward to see you at the SPL and Singapore Cup matches!
Please support us, Thank you.”

Vice Captain OKAWA Kei

“Every day, the whole team is able to train in a good atmosphere with a sense of ambition towards our targets which is to “Regain All Titles”.
Personally, I’m a goalkeeper, so I will be aiming to keep as many clean sheets as possible in the matches and contribute to the team’s victories.
I think you can see aggressive football in our matches which is very exiciting when you watch it, so please come to the stadium and cheer!”

Vice Captain SAKUMA Rio

“In the limited time of one year, I would like to dedicate all my strength to win matches for the team. And I would like to play with a motto which is to “Stay hungry” to regain all the titles with all matches wins. I also hope that you will be proud of being a supporter of Albirex Niigata FC Singapore. Please look forward to it.
Thank you for your support.”

Vice Captain KAMATA Hiroyoshi

“Thank you for your support always.
I am appointed as Vice Captain this year. As the Vice Captain, I will help our captain HASHIOKA and also with the rest of the teammates. Please support us.”


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