Result of Training Match on Thu, 13 February 2020

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Below are the details for the training match result against Balestier Khalsa FC which was held on Thu, 13 February 2020.
Thu, 13 February 2020
19:00 Kick Off
Balestier Khalsa FC
Jurong East Stadium
【Full Time Score】
Albirex Niigata FC Singapore:1
Balestier Khalsa FC:0
【Albirex Niigata FC Singapore Scorer】
70’ 13 TANIGUCHI Ryoya
【Starting Eleven】
5 HASHIOKA Kazuki (C)
3 TAKEDA Kotaro
8 KAMATA Hiroyoshi
6 Gareth Low
28 Trainee
17 Iman Hakim
10 DOI Tomoyuki
45’ 6 Gareth Low → 13 TANIGUCHI Ryoya
52’ 17 Iman Hakim → 20 HANADA Yasuhiro
67’ 28 Trainee → 14 MITSUZUKA Ryuya
72’ 8 KAMATA Hiroyoshi → 18 TAKAHASHI Mahiro
【Comment from Shigetomi】
(Although it was high intensity training match…) Even though one player was sent off, I think it was good that we could score and maintain our energy. That is a very good point and good simulation for me. As we faced a SPL team for the first time in this season, new issues came to light, so I’d like to organize them.
【Comment from Gareth(#6)】
I think for each game I perform better and better. Also the Training is very high intensity and tough, but I think we are able to enjoy training with all of us helping each other.
【Comment from KURISHIMA(#7)】
In the first training match against a SPL team, I felt a difference in physique and strength from all the other previous teams.
However, I was able to show in the match that my hard work during training paid off, I think that point was good.
【Comment from TANIGUCHI(#13)】
I think it’s important to have good training in order to play well in the match, and I feel thats what we have done so far.
Since the training matches are still going on, I want to make good preparations in order to win titles, valuing the results and details.

KAMATA(#8) who was vital to the team through his dedicated play

HASHIOKA(#5) has a strong presence in offense and defense

TANIGUCHI(#13) scored 1 goal with MITSUZUKA(#14)’s beautiful skill and assist

NISHIGUCHI(#9) showed a sharp movements despite not scoring.



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