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Sato Shoma

Nickname: Shoma
Personal Motto: Enjoying

Message For Supporters:
I Shoma Sato who joins Albirex Niigata Singapore this time. Stick to the results and take the title. I would like to enjoy football with gratitude to my family, friends, staff, sponsors and supporters. Thank you very much.

"Long ball accuracy The power to read the flow"

Date Of Birth 1999年10月06日 Favorite Food Yonezawa Ramen
Hometown Yamagata Least Favorite Food Pumpkin
Blood AB Favorite Color Blue
Height/Weight 184/79 Hobby Golf
Favorite Celebrity Keisuke Honda What does football mean to you? Connecting my ideals and dreams to the future
Favorite Player Sergio Ramos Special Skill Daily training
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right Age I started to play football/Reason 6 years old
Person I respect Doi Shoma Kashima Antlers F.C


Previous Teams As A Player

Yonezawa Phoenix → Abika Yonezawa → Yonezawa Chuo High School → Zaspa Kusatsu Challengers → SC Sagamihara 21

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