DF 25 
Ishihara Ren

Nickname: Ren
Personal Motto: Effort is a lifetime. The actual performance is once. Chances are for a moment.

Message For Supporters:
Thank you for one year.

"Side Change Place Kick"

Date Of Birth 2001年05月31日 Favorite Food Orange
Hometown Saitama Least Favorite Food Green peppers
Blood O Favorite Color Orange and Yellow
Height/Weight 165/62 Hobby Listening to music
Favorite Celebrity Ringo-chan What does football mean to you? My Life
Favorite Player Yoshito Okubo Special Skill Place Kick
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right Age I started to play football/Reason 7 years old  
Person I respect Coach of junior high school


Previous Teams As A Player

Ogi FC → SSCANTERA → Kaishi Gakuen JAPAN Soccer College

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