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Takeda Kotaro

Nickname: Kotaro
Personal Motto: Passion

Message For Supporters:
I am Kotaro Takeda of Chukyo University who will join Albirex Niigata Singapore. I'd like to do my best to contribute to the victory. Thank you for your support!

"Heading Left and right long feed Interpersonal"

Date Of Birth 1997年08月26日 Favorite Food Yakiniku
Hometown Osaka Least Favorite Food Shiitake mushroom
Blood AB Favorite Color Orange!
Height/Weight 183/77 Hobby Eat around
Favorite Celebrity Minami Tanaka What does football mean to you? Entertainment and Life!
Favorite Player Virgil van Dijk Special Skill Sports
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right Age I started to play football/Reason 5 years old
Person I respect My parents


Previous Teams As A Player

Takatsuki FC Junior → Takatsuki FC Junior Youth → Risshodai Shonan High School → Chukyo University

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