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Doi Tomoyuki

Nickname: Tomo, Doi chan, Doi
Personal Motto: Like a life cart

Message For Supporters:
Hello Fans, I'm Tomoyuki Doi from Tokoha University!! I will do my best to play as much as I can in a limited time of one year, and to act off the pitch for the team! In order to boost the Singapore League, we need the support of our fans. Thank you very much for your support! !

"Shoot Play towards the goal Kick"

Date Of Birth 1997年09月24日 Favorite Food Omelette rice
Hometown Hyogo Least Favorite Food Almond tofu
Blood B Favorite Color Purple
Height/Weight 179/72 Hobby English, Travel
Favorite Celebrity Tutorial Yoshimi Tokui What does football mean to you? All of myself
Favorite Player None Special Skill Football game
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right Age I started to play football/Reason 5 years old、Impact of the Japan-Korea World Cup
Person I respect Ichiro, Hiroto Komoto


Previous Teams As A Player

Otsumo SC → Estrela Himeji → Kobe Koryo Gakuen → Tokoha University

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