GK 1 
Okawa Kei

Nickname: k
Personal Motto: Do all the common takes properly

Message For Supporters:
I will fight hard for the team, so thank you for your support.

Shoot Stop / Long Feed

Date Of Birth 1998年03月27日 Favorite Food All
Hometown Saitama Least Favorite Food None
Blood O Favorite Color Purple
Height/Weight 178/75 Hobby Fishing / Cafe hopping
Favorite Celebrity GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE What does football mean to you? My life
Favorite Player Iker Casillas Special Skill Housework
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right Age I started to play football/Reason 6 years old
Person I respect Parents


Previous Teams As A Player

Nakamoto SSS → Urawa Reds Jr. Youth → Urawa Youth → Tsukuba University

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