MF 7 
Kurishima Kenta

Nickname: Kuri
Personal Motto: If you try your hard work, that mind will succeed through heaven.

Message For Supporters:
"I'm Kenta Kurishima and I'm joining this year. The most important thing I play when playing soccer is to have fun. I want to not only play while having fun, but also to have fun for everyone who supports me! Let's go get the title together! Thank you. "


Date Of Birth 1997年04月19日 Favorite Food Gyoza
Hometown Chiba Least Favorite Food Mint
Blood B Favorite Color Orange, Black
Height/Weight 175/71 Hobby Playing Game
Favorite Celebrity Arimura Kasumi, Imada Mio, Yoda Yuki What does football mean to you? All of me
Favorite Player Son Heung-Min Special Skill
Dominant foot(size)/hand Left Age I started to play football/Reason 7years old
Person I respect My father


Previous Teams As A Player

Waseda University

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